Bismarck, Fargo and “The Chipper”


Somewhere along the road on this trip, we’ve decided to try and visit as many states as possible.  Since we were so close to this as of yet, unvisited destination, we decided to give North Dakota a whirl!

The road that crosses the state from east to west is long and straight and long and straight long and straight and long and straight long and straight and long and straight and long and straight and long and straight (you get the idea).  It reminded me of the Canadian we met last year in Glacier who told us that central Canada is so flat you can watch your dog run away for a week!  You can do that here too, while driving across the state.

We stopped overnight in Bismarck in the overflow lot of the local KOA campground on the outskirts of town.  The strenuous driving day took its toll on us and we succumbed to just eating Thai food for dinner from a food truck at the entrance to the campground and we chilled out for the evening.  The food was great, and we slept well under a nice rainstorm that lasted until morning.

Our next stop, Fargo.  Please tell me you’ve all seen the movie!!!  (Yah, he’s in the Chipper!).  Fargo is the most populated city in the state of North Dakota (I’m sure its because of the movie).  The capital, Bismarck, is actually the second most populated city in the state.  Thank God for Google on these long straight drives…..

The North Dakota Visitors Center is just off the interstate, and lucky for us, it’s on the same exit as our night’s destination – The Walmart Super Center!  As we come off the road, the first business we see is the Space Alien’s Bar and Grill, way too funny a site!

After we’ve gotten set up for the night in the local Walmart parking lot, we take Finnegan and drive back to see the famous “Chipper”!  There is a nice parking lot with a park in front of the building and a replica “Chipper” is on display in the park.  We took some birthday photos with Finn in the (replica) chipper (as tomorrow will be his birthday; and I’m truly not a bad pet parent).  The real chipper from the movie is located INSIDE the Visitor’s Center, where pets are NOT allowed. Is it just me that’s hoping that even the real chipper wasn’t really used to kill that guy in the movie by really, really killing him in the chipper?  If not, then I’m not thinking this is something that the folks at the Fargo Visitor’s Center should be touting (just in case some local pregnant law enforcement officer drops in…….) hey, maybe that could be a sequel!

Sometime after dinner the alien’s took over control of our car and we ended up at the local Space Aliens Bar and Grill for a beer and to take in the National’s baseball game.  The place was “outta this world”ly decorated with everything you can imagine that is alien.  The bartender and patrons were friendly and we enjoyed watching the ball game with them all there.

Early the next morning, we awoke safely back in our Earthly coach and after making some minor trailer repairs (using the Walmart curb) we were off for today’s next adventure!  Dan here, adding a very exciting newsflash – The booze in Fargo is cheap!  No kidding, when we were in Elkhart Ridge, I thought it was a good deal that they had booze in the little grocery on site.  That is, until I sent Carol up to buy a bottle of Tequila so we could make some Bob-a-ritas – $30.95 for a 750ml bottle!!  Yeee-ouch!  When I saw the same bottle in a Fargo liquor store for $14.79 I just had to buy it…the ‘Rita’s in both places tasted great!  Thanks, Bob.