Minneapolis and the Holy Mall of the Americas!


Our loose goal for the remainder of this year’s trip is to allow Carol to “toe-dip” in each of the Great Lakes as we make our way back toward the Eastern US.  With that in mind, we are heading toward the largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior.

But first a few days in the Minneapolis area.  Our KOA is the nearest to the city, but still about 15-20 miles out.  Our first evening, we explore the nearby area and the following day we “drive about” Minneapolis and St. Paul to get the lay of the land, checking out various points of interest, like downtown, the ball parks, the city parks, etc.  On the third day, we decide to brave the famous Mall of the Americas.  Every road in the area (and in the north half of the USA) is under full straight up construction during the summer, so be sure to pack your patience because the wait time is trying on any man’s soul.

The mall has ample parking and from the outside it feels not so large, which is an illusion based on how the parking is laid out around the mall itself.  Once inside one of anchor stores, it still feels pretty normal, and even out walking through the mall, it’s not too overwhelming until you reach the Lego Store on the bottom level of the mall!  OMG!!!

Our sole grandson LOVES Legos!!  He loves to build them, he proudly displays them once they are built and then he regrets (just a little) that he finished them so quickly.  When I rounded the corner and saw this store, my mouth dropped open!  As I wandered in to the store, I was really, really wishing that he was there with me and then I turned around……holy moly!  There is a two-story high wall of individual Lego pieces sorted by color in individual bins!  How he would have LOVED to have seen this place.  I think that if his parents ever tire of him, they could drop him off here and he wouldn’t mind so much.  As I gathered my wits and went out of the store, I realized that there were giant Lego display pieces hanging above the store: there was a Transformer robot, a helicopter, the Batmobile and even an astronaut all hanging above the store in the open space that is the 3rd and 4th stories of the mall.

In fact, the entire lower level of the mall is an amusement park!  Complete with rides, lots and lots of rides, big rides, little rides, roller coasters, games, etc.  And for the low low price of $32 per kid, you can shop alone while your kids play without a care in this massive wonderland!  I really want to be 8 again, just for a day or two.

Following our day at the amazing mall, (complete with lots of retail therapy), we drove back the 14 miles of interstate to our RV park through the massive construction zones and are happy to report that we arrived home just an hour and half after we stared out from the mall; that’s an average speed of 11.2 miles per hour (for those of you without a calculator). Traffic (and construction) suck in Minneapolis!


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