Salt Lake City


With our “family time” almost at an end, we headed up to Salt Lake City where Houseguest #1 would leave us to fly to NYC to begin her life in the big city! We arrived two days before the scheduled flight, and easily located what would be our new home at the SLC KOA and then headed out to take in the city sites and grab some lunch at a great place called the Red Iguana. Even though we arrive well after the lunch rush, the line was out the door. The hostess told us it would be at least 25 minutes, so he hoped back in the car, and checked out the sites and “cruised” the world famous LDS Temple grounds. Sliding right back into our bench at the door to the restaurant just as they called our name for lunch! Whew!!

On our last night together we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at StoneGround restaurant in downtown SLC. The food and the service were fantastic! They offered patio seating and served fresh pasta. The company and experience were both outstanding!

Out to dinner in Salt Lake City.

Out to dinner in Salt Lake City.

Following dinner, we stopped in at a local pub establishment where they were playing bingo. One of the rounds ended in a tie between three people and Bingo caller gave each of them a white board and a pen and explained that the “tie” would be solved by contestants each drawing a picture on the white board and advised that we, the audience would select the winning drawing and the Bingo winner. The catch was that, the drawing would require the artist to incorporate a penis into the drawing. He called this game “Dic(k)-ionary”! He then asked the audience to shout out a word…the word shouted out was helicopter and the participants frantically began creating their artist renderings with the required insertion (pardon the pun). Totally fun and funny, and laughter could be heard at least a block away from the place.

Very early the next morning, we dropped our daughter off at the airport. She began a new phase of her life and we began our extended stay in the area.

Finnegan took in both “the spa” and the vet at the local Petsmart, The humans leisurely strolled all of the lanes in the local Costco and we picked up some much needed replacement parts from a few other stores for needed repairs to rig and trailer. We enjoyed a week at the location with lots of projects and lots of much needed down time.

While in Salt Lake City we took a ride out to Park City just to see what the hub-bub was all about.  It’s really another world from SLC – as where SLC seems like an industrialized, dusty, dirty city, Park City is a laid-back (but fairly modern) beautiful mountain town with shops, bars, and restaurants (not to mention world-class skiing in winter).  We decided to have a look at Zillow when we got back to the coach just to see if something there might be affordable – I don’t think $1.2 million for a 2/2 condo is really affordable – do you?

I’d have to say that all in all, SLC is one place we’d rather not have to visit again, although the trip over the mountains to Jackson Hole was pretty scenic.  More on that in the next post.  All for now.


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