DANGER! Will Robinson!!!


Why do all alarms sound the same in the middle of the night?

As we begin winding up our first stop on the 2015 tour: our (semi)-week long visit to Hilton Head with a side trip to Fort Mill, I think we are once again finding our stride in “Casa Pequena” (little house) and all of our crazy little mishaps.

Our first night here, we had dinner at Hudson’s (at the recommendation of our new Florida pals, Leslie & Sandy).  The restaurant is small and 60’s style old, but the views are exceptional and the food was fantastic!  In an effort to try as much as we could of the menu on our first visit, we shared hush puppies, a cup of she-crab soup, the Can’t Decide appetizer, the dual lobster tails and a slice of key lime pie.  It was a perfect date-night event!

Sunset from Hudson's

Sunset from Hudson’s

Skull Creek Sunset

Skull Creek Sunset

2015 Apr 25 Carol's I-Phone 111

Heading back to the RV after dinner at Hudson’s


And as to not let our devoted readers down, I am (un)happy to report that our first night’s sleep was rudely interrupted at exactly 4:05 AM by an alarm going off in the coach.  Immediately following the alarm sounding “Finnegan” landed exactly in chest trying to make sure I heard the damn clamoring.  I had, and as I jumped out of bed, Finn tried to dig himself under the bed (via going through the mattress) and Dan began to stir from his most peaceful slumber and he joined me in the kitchen, just in the nick of time to save me from ripping the smoke detector down from the ceiling.  You see all alarms sound exactly alike when one is jarred from sleep in the dark and I had mistakenly grabbed the wrong source of noise!  Dan shouted over the racket that in fact, the LP gas alarm was the one lit up and blaring through the coach (and what I was sure included the RV Park and most of Jasper county).

After resetting the alarm several times, turning off the LP gas at the tank, opening all the windows, adding a fan to blow the gas toward the open windows, we finally returned to bed about an hour later, although neither of us slept very well for the remainder of the night; wondering if our life insurance was adequate – gulp!

With a known issue with our water pump that prevents us from not being connected to city water on the first leg of the trip, we also sadly discovered the first night, that while we are hooked to 50-amp power, for some unknown reason, we are only accessing 30-amp supply, which means only one of the AC units can function at a time.  Luckily for us, the weather is beautiful here, so we’ve decided to limp along 20-amps short of a full charge (it seems somehow appropriate for us) for this stay.


Who’s that peeking out the window?

The following morning, we restart the LP gas for showers (they are so much nicer when the water is warm) and we packed up for our side trip up to the old neighborhood.  Of course, only after we reached Columbia, did we realize that we had forgotten to turn the gas back off…..gulp!

We checked into the guest room at our daughter’s home and did some quick catch up with the family who had all just recently visited us at “Case Grande” (big house) over the grand-kid’s spring break a few weeks earlier.  Then we made a quick stop to see Matt, our favorite bartender from Fort Mill Tavern, and then met up with the golf gang at Carmella’s for an evening of libations and laughter before retracing our steps back to our pillows for the night.

Our Cleveland friend, Doug drove down for the Fort Mill event en-route to he and his son-in-law’s golf outing in Hilton Head (anyone guess why we picked the same place for our first stop?) to celebrate Doug’s birthday.  Happy Birthday to you (Doug)!  As I heard back later, the boys had a great time hitting the little ball around the course in Regent Park and another celebration was had by all that evening.

The following morning, we drove back to Hilton Head with our fingers crossed that the RV would still be standing.  It was…

Lesson learned, from the first night back, I turned off the Hot Water Heater to ensure a good night’s sleep.  That did not happen and about 1 AM we were back up resetting our alarm cessation steps for the night.  By now, the problem is already on the work order list of things our “BFF’s” at Fleetwood will be “checking into” when we visit them later this spring.  Dan lay in bed and reminded me that the coach has been plugged in with the water heater on for that last four months without an issue, so he watched as I shut off the alarm, dug Finn out from under the pillows, returned to bed and turned off the light for the (rest of the) night.

The next morning, Dan, Doug and John scheduled a tee time at Crescent Pointe Golf Course (Dan says it’s an Arnold Palmer signature course, whatever that means…..) and we all agreed to meet for dinner that night.


Doug Brady the Irishman picking out his club.

However Dan’s celebratory events for the past few days had reached a crescendo and he fell asleep in the car shortly after I picked him up from the course (or rather, from the bar at the course) and dinner had to be rescheduled.

On Friday, the boys played another round at Eagle’s Point (a Davis Love III course – again, whatever that means!) and we followed up on their great day of golf with a stop on the veranda at Peppers in Old Town Bluffton.  We shared some appetizers there (what a boeuuuuutiful place!) and then headed off to  a wonder dinner at the Skull Creek Boathouse, complete with a walk on the pier in lieu of dessert!

We said our good-byes and headed back to coach as there would be no more golf due to incoming weather for the remainder of our stay in the area.

As I write this entry, it is raining cats and dogs outside and there’s no letup in sight!  Time for a nap, I guess.  Tomorrow we’re off for the Gulf Coast and a few nights at the beach in Carabelle Florida on our way to Gulf Shores Alabama.  Hope to hit the FloriBama Bar somewhere in there!



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