Florida Keys are callin’


After spending a great month in Fort Mill, with great weather and visits to friends and family, it’s time for us to head a little further south for a visit. We are off visiting Sunshine Key RV Resort in the Florida Keys for an American Coach Assn (ACA) “Rally in the Keys”.  We are having a great time in the Keys…a couple of trips down to Key West, numerous visits to local restaurants and great visits with the American Coach attendees.  We sat on the beach with Terry and Belinda and watched the full moon set behind us and the new sun rise up to meet the new day.  Absolutely beautiful, awe-inspiring (and good coffee).  During all the activities and gatherings, we have met some wonderful people that we will be seeing more of in the future, no doubt!

There’s really not much more to write about now, other than every day we’re here we realize how lucky we are to be living this lifestyle. Lazydays RV Sales had some coaches down here for sale, and we looked, but didn’t buy (this time). There are definitely temptations with all the new coaches, but when we get back to ours, it just seems like home, and we don’t need to upgrade so badly. I guess we just haven’t found “the one” yet.

OK, so I wrote the above paragraph a month ago, and still haven’t posted it, so I guess I just add on some comments before I post.  Here goes:

We stopped at New Smyrna Beach to visit David and Carol Card and see their new place in Edgewater, Florida.  They’ve got some work ahead of them, but they have a nice little place with a beautiful pool and some “outback” area that is already pretty cool and will be even nicer when Dave finishes with his plans for changes.

We’ve been in St. Augustine for almost a month now.  We like it a lot, except for the “be-atch” in the office.  I’ll explain.  The first few days we were here, we watched them pour a new patio slab in the next space.  Our space, unfortunately, had it’s patio slab back behind our RV (read useless!) as well as the space was so narrow we couldn’t put out our patio cover and enjoy the outdoors.  So I asked if it would be possible to change our rig to the next space and was met with the rudest clerk I’ve ever encountered in a KOA (there have been those that were way above their Peter Principle, and others who just weren’t really “engaged” in their profession, but this girl was just rude!).  “No!” was her immediate reply.  What was the issue?, I asked.  She told me there were going to be other changes to the space, and they just couldn’t release it yet, and she didn’t know when it would be available.  Everything I had asked her was met with  the most negative responses I had ever heard.  OK, I’d been beaten down, and I retreated to the comfort of my coach.  Once there, I started thinking, “Why didn’t she ask me what my issue was that made me want to move?”, “How could she help me find another spot?”, “How could she help me, period?!!!”.

Luckily, there were a couple of workers putting the “finishing touches” on the area the next day, and I asked one of them what the issue was, and he said “Just tell Kelly (the be-atch) you want to move here, we should be all finished up in an hour or so and you should be able to move over”.  I reluctantly trod my way back to the office, told Kelly that the guy had said he was just about finished, and before I could even ask if we could move over, she said “You can’t move into that spot!”.  When I asked why not, she told me —- OK, I’m stopping all this whining right now.  Suffice it to say, after much uncomfortable “wrangling” with Kelly, the KOA “be-atch”, we got our way!  New spot, new attitude.  Really enjoying our stay!  That is, until we ran out of propane on what was probably the coldest night in St. Augustine this whole year!  I called the office, got (you guessed it!) Kelly who told me propane was $3.19 a gallon/pound/whatever it is.  Since we’d paid $3.75 in Charlotte, I figured, “Why not?”. So, we basically “broke camp” so that we could position the RV next to the propane station, where we took on 39 gallon/pounds/whatever, and when I went in to pay, she told me $160 (or thereabouts).  I said, “That doesn’t sound right – you told me on the phone $3.19/whatever, which should be closer to $125”.  She said, “No, it’s $3.99/whatever”.  I told her she had said over the phone it was $3.19, otherwise I would have looked for somewhere else to get it…to which she replied, “It’s been $3.99 for like 6 months now, and I never told you $3.19 – I said $3.99…to which I just signed my $160 debit card charge and walked out of the office, once again screwed by the “be-atch” of the KOA!

Am I whining?  I think not!

At Stogies in St. Augustine.

At Stogies in St. Augustine.

After dealing with you-know-who.  At last!

After dealing with you-know-who. At last!

So, not to change the subject, but Carol and I have had many “discussions” about our future lately – whether to keep full-timing (that’s what RVers call it when you don’t have a home other than the one you’re driving) or to buy a house in which to store all our home-worldly possessions.  It’s tempting to buy some place, as we’re spending way too much money every month to store all our stuff, and we keep hearing stories about when people return to their storage lockers to find their precious possessions are turned into dust, or whatever, or they end up selling it for pennies on the dollar because “They just don’t need it anymore”.  So, we’re caught somewhere between “let’s get a more comfortable coach” and “we may as well buy a house because we’re already making a mortgage payment to store our stuff”.

All for now, am going to post this and we will continue later.