There are stars in the Southern sky


There are stars in the Southern sky

Southward as you go

There is moonlight and moss in the trees

Down the Seven Bridges Road
(Lyrics by: The Eagles)

With fall pushing us along, quietly reminding us that our Endless Summer Vacation is either coming to an end (or at least needs to be moved to a lower latitude, post-haste); we have finally turned southward for what was home, (until this last July).

The route from Niagara Falls to Gettysburg teased us with some beautiful and bold autumn colors and made us sorry that we won’t make the New England “Stunning Fall Tour” until at least next year. But fear not, we will make that trip – soon, very, very soon!

We spent a few days in Virginia on our way south, visiting daughter, Suz, Brett and the grandkids. Kendall was kind enough to have her birthday while we were in town – oh such convenient timing for a girl who likes to open presents! Kadie and “Finnegan” bonded during our visit and poor “Bella” was chased by the puppy endlessly for the duration of the visit. The warm summer sunshine has worked its magic on the Virginia girls; each has gotten taller, smarter and prettier since last we enjoyed their company!

I think it’s said that October is the month of baseball and we were lucky enough to watch (from the comfort of the couch) the longest (18-innings) baseball playoff game between the Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giants. We also got to see two of our granddaughters play softball while we were there and got caught up on what we missed being away this summer.

Five plus months is a long time to not have seen them all, and there were many places along our journey, where we encountered something that reminded us of each of the grandkids – something that we knew one or the other would have liked to see, do, or experience and we often commented that it would have been cool to had the ability to “transport” Jack to see Mount St. Helen’s, or Kendall to see The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, or take the ferry and tour at Butchart Gardens with Sophie and Kadie, or sharing the world’s largest bookstore with Taylor. When Dan wins the lottery and scores that new CVO motorcycle, we use the rest of the winnings to will take them all (along with their parents and Auntie “M”) up to Big Sky Montana for the summer!

For today, the big push is on! The goal is to see the lights of Charlotte by dusk and to try to make it in time to grab a bar stool near our favorite bartender, Matt at Towne Tavern tonight and catch up on friends from the area. We’ll be calling a local RV Park “home” for the next little bit, but as we’ve come to know on this trip – Home is where (the) “Toad” is.

There are stars in the Southern sky
And if ever you decide you should go
There is a taste of thyme sweetened honey
Down the Seven Bridges Road


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