In the ‘Hood…Mt. Hood


Well, it looks like I’ve taken over the blog.  Carol is working too hard and then when she’s not working, we’re out looking at stuff.  This last week it was Portland, and we’ve had some fun here!  Columbia River RV Park is very nice (other than the jets taking off from PDX) and the people here are really friendly and helpful.  Everyone has a favorite thing to do / place to see, and we just don’t have enough time to take it all in!  Portland is probably the coolest place we’ve been to so far (other than San Francisco, of course, but it’s different – Portland is really laid back, which fits us better than SF’s entrepreneurial / everyone’s involved in a start-up / check out my clothes and don’t you dare park there kind of attitude).  Here’s a sample of what we’ve done while in the City of Roses –

First off, Mt Hood – totally awesome – we rode the lift, had a drink in the Blue Ox Bar, and generally just bummed around for a while looking at views…we talked to a couple of ‘boarders while we were there, and, expecting Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, I was pleasantly surprised at how polite and knowledgeable they were – refreshing!  Pics from Mt Hood –

The last picture in that group, George and Dan, were two guys I met while playing golf at Rose City Golf Club in Portland.  George has played keyboards for 30 years for another person with the initials “DR” (hint: she used to be associated with The Supremes), and Dan and he were playing a free concert on the Commons at Tualitin (a little town just south of Portland) as part of their Summer of Jazz Festival, so after Mt Hood, Carol and I stopped in and listened to some of their concert.  Very cool.

Next, we were off to “The Dalles”, a trip along the Columbia River Gorge…lots of waterfalls…and kite surfing on the river – cool area, but not really what we were expecting.  I expected a “gorge”, you know, something like 300 feet of canyon wall with the river at the bottom and scenery galore, but really, the road just meandered up the side of the Columbia River, which was scenic and all, but just not Wow! – if you know what I mean.  Here are some pictures from that day – there were some cool waterfalls along the side of the Old Columbia River Highway –


And then a trip to Tillamook to see the cheese factory, and Astoria, the farthest Lewis and Clark traveled on their discovery journey.  We decided to get a Tillamook Ice Cream cone at the factory, but it was like a 45 minute wait!  We ended up going down the road a bit to Rockaway Beach and buying one there – no line – same Ice Cream!  Beautiful coastline between Tillamook and Astoria (named after John Jacob Astor, railroad tycoon) and we took our share of pictures along the way.  We stopped at the commemorative Astoria Tower, but opted not to climb to the top – the view from there (even from the bottom of the tower) was fantastic!  Some pics from that leg of the journey –

While we were in the Portland area, we were able to meet up with Gary Cunningham.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Gary (his first comment to me was how gray I’ve gotten) and it was really great catching up with he and his fiance’ Karin (hope I spelled that right).  They moved up to the Portland (actually Vancouver WA) area a few months ago and are very happy with their new home.  I don’t blame them a bit – so much to do and the weather (at least in the summer) is fantastic!

Be sure to catch the next couple of blogs!  There is some real adventure coming up – believe you me!



2 thoughts on “In the ‘Hood…Mt. Hood

    • Gary C.

      It was great seeing you guys!! And reading about your adventures, glad you guys are so willing to share in the ups and downs of such a journey! I can’t wait to see the posts from the NE Fall tour and everything else!

      PS. Close, Kerina is her name. 😛

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