About Us


So great to meet you!!
We’re Dan and Carol Ritchie.

Our personal story began back in Arizona, however we now call South Carolina our home. We have three daughters: two who are “married with children” here on the East Coast and our youngest West Coast daughter who is currently settled in California. During our time here in the Carolina’s we have enjoyed the changing seasons; the endless miles of country roads for riding the Harley and the geographical anomaly of being physically located just about 4.5 hours from everywhere in the Southeast!

Dan is about to embark on the endless-summer vacation phase of his career, so last summer we purchased a 40-foot American Eagle Class A motor coach in preparation for the change in our lifestyle and we are making plans to take our new home and tow vehicle “Eagle” & “Toad” both out for our first cross-country USA “drive-about” tour beginning this spring.

We decided to create a blog page so we could easily share our trip news along with ideas, recipes, tips and stories about what we learn while preparing for and embarking on “OuRVenture” with our family and friends – both old and new.

We chose “The Ritchie Factor” as our blog name as this is a phrase bestowed upon us many years ago by our friend, Charlie; and later it was adopted by most of our other friends and family – all of whom know that we are chronically late! The mathematical calculation for “The Ritchie Factor” is the start time of any event plus 30 minutes. Of course, that is just generally speaking, for “The Ritchie Factor” defies any formal mathematical calculation standard.

It’s not that we are both chronically late – I, for example, have night terrors about being late to any appointment or event! When flying, I generally set two alarms and then spend the night before the trip waking up at least every hour to make sure that I’m NOT late, only to be so exhausted at the airport, that I have boarded the plan and left my cell phone on my seat in the waiting area and only notice that I’ve did it AFTER I had stowed my luggage and took my seat on the plan – that went over so badly with the flight attendant!

So after many years together (being late everywhere and for everything) and in the pursuit of (my own) self-preservation I have come to accept the fact that without “blatantly lying” to the love-of-my-life about what time we need to be somewhere (a task that I’m monumentally bad at) I have accepted that it is simply not possible for me to “push-rope-uphill-in-a-hurricane” to ensure our smiling faces arrive on-time at any event. (Please remember this if you invite us over!)

So…this is also our first attempt at a blog, so whatever they may be, you should immediately lower your expectations! We are both going to try to add posts from our perspectives on our blog and we hope to share something that you will find to be either informative, interesting, or just funny as we make our way up to the starting line of “OuRVenture” US tour.

Dear Reader,
I’m not really sure what she’s referring to. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true…after all, I once DID have a front license plate that read, “I’M LATE”. Now my front plate is a Harley Davidson emblem, and, after all, when you’re thinking in terms of a Harley, who really cares when you get there?

I can tell right now that my work is cut out for me rebutting all the stuff Carol is going to post, but I must say, I’m ready for the job!
– Dan

So as they say, let’s get this party started with a little background in our next blog on How It All Started….